About Us - JAdams

Hello photography lovers!! Thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at our world through my eyes. As things continue to evolve in the world, so will the photos on this site. So keep coming back!
I have had this love for taking pictures for as long as I can remember. From the time when I was bugging all of the kids at my school with one of the earlier Kodak Polaroid cameras to many years later, capturing as much of God’s beauty as I can with a more modern DSLR, I have loved capturing what was there for future memories. And now with digital I can capture many of the things that I can image as well!
We all have that artist in us trying to get out. Some sketch or paint, some carve or sculpt, some build things or collect things, some write stories or poetry, some create music or involve themselves in acting or dancing. But we all have it in us to do something creative. So come along and partake in what God has allowed me to share with you.


Contact Information:
Email - jadamsphotos@hotmail.com